Our Vestry

According to dictionary.com a Vestry in the Episcopal Church is "a committee elected by members of a congregation to serve with the church wardens in managing the temporal affairs of the church." At St. Martin's the Vestry is a group of individuals who are truly committed to helping our church run smoothly, bring great events and ministries to the congregation, and looking ahead to see what we may need to do in order to not only keep St. Martin's current but also best serve the ever changing needs of our parishioners.

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Sue Krauser

Senior Warden

Sue Krauser is Mom of 28 year old son, Eric. God blessed her with a positive attitude, resilience, a strong work ethic, and a friendly fun personality. Sue loves to travel, enjoy a glass of wine and good food with friends, and live entertainment.  She is Account Manager at the College of American Pathologists.  Sue is best known for relationship building, the ability to "get the job done" and being a team player.   


She has been a member of St. Martin's since 1988. She fell in love with the place and people on her first visit, and has served on the worship commission and was bookkeeper/treasurer for 8+years.


Russell Gruber

Vestry Member

Russ is from Litchfield, Illinois, a small town is central Illinois.   He a Vietnam Veteran, and a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Horticulture. He has worked in the landscape industry for over thirty years. Russ has been in the insurance industry for 15 years now and work for Farmers Insurance and Hagerty

Insurance, that insures the classic cars you see at car shows.   Having grown up with these cars, it has become my hobby also.

Russ is married to his beautiful wife Barbara and they live in Arlington Heights.  They have three sons, Derek, Doug and Adam. 

Derek lives in Roslyn, Washington with his wife Anne and their son Walter.

Doug lives in Round Lake Beach, and Adam lives in Deerfield.

Russ has served in many church positions over the years, in many different roles and enjoys working for his church.  He started out to be a minister and have always tried to be there for his church.

He has called himself “the Chauffer” traveling with Adam.

He has gotten Russ to places he’ll never forget from Seattle to Scotland watching him Perform. When Adam came to St. Martin’s, Barb and Russ felt they found their stopping place.

Adam has moved on with his talent and future, but they feel they're where they want to be.

Russ will work hard for Pastor M.E. and this church and thanks you for this opportunity.

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Nancy Schaper

Vestry Member

Nancy Schaper has been a member of St. Martin’s since 1989 and agreed to serve on Vestry – for a third time!  She’s served on Altar Guild since 1992 and considers the members of St. Martins as her family, since her biological family resides in Michigan.  Though we don’t get to see him at Paws-in-the-Pews, Oscar the cat is a faithful pain in her behind and is loved dearly!!!

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Deanna "Dee" Vihnanek

Vestry Member

I started attending St Martin's with my dad when I was a young child. I remember we rented space at the old Rand Park Fieldhouse and the old Masonic Temple. It was here that I was confirmed. I was 10 years old and Bishop Burrell officiated. This milestone was very important to me. I still remember every person’s name in my class. My teacher, Mr. MacHattie had me write "His Messenger" in the front of my prayer book, which I had gotten as a present.


When we built our church, I remember, my father and the other men doing all the staining, inside and out. That was a huge job and that is when I first realized how members of St Martin's always work together to get the job done. Women worked on sewing Father Chaffee's vestments and altar linens. It felt to me like the members cared about their church and they cared about each other.


Father McKay insisted on marrying my husband and me at St John's. It was the end of April, 1961 and our present day sanctuary was finished, but outside was muddy as the parking lot was not completed. My husband and I left the area but returned to have our children Baptized at St. Martin's.


After my father died in 1993, my mother asked me to bring her to church every Sunday. My parents were “8 o'clockers”. Five years later, after my mother died I was still attending early mass. I love that mass, but I really only saw Father Bob and a small number of people. I began coming to 10 o'clock and because I was always involved as a young person, I decided to get involved. What I found out was, the people are different, yet still the same, in that people are working together to accomplish a goal plus they care about one another. It's not only one another, but others in our community and the world.

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Denise Bozza

Junior Warden

Denise Bozza was born in New Jersey into a loving and large family.  She was raised in Des Plaines IL where she resides and cares for her dear mom, Dot and her 2 loyal, energetic, 70+ pound lap dogs, Gabby and Morty.

She works as a Warehouse and Procurement Manager at a fast paced and always changing audio, visual technologies company.  She enjoys traveling and an active lifestyle, participating in everything from bicycling to yoga with many activities in between!  She is blessed to share much love and lots of laughter with her fun and boisterous family and a large diverse circle of friends. 

She has made St. Martins her church home for 30+ years, joyfully serving in nearly every volunteer position offered; including, but not limited to VESTRY/LEM/VISITING LEM & HEALING MINISTRY/ALTAR GUILD/WEDDING LIAISON/EVENT COORDINATOR. She has also been humbled to have been invited to share her unique and sometimes humorous interpretations of scripture by preaching every couple of months.  She is currently in her 2nd year of Education for Ministry; learning much about the bible, Gods love for all and focusing on enhancing her spiritual maturity.

Denise aims to bring a positive, CAN DO outlook to each challenge and task.  Her love for St. Martins continues to grow as she is open to the opportunities to share the church, the Holy Spirit and Gods love with the greater community.

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Elizabeth "Libby" Smolik

Vestry Member

Libby Smolik began her love of St. Martin's over 45 years ago when she came for her Girl Scout meetings. Although born a Congregationalist and with a strong desire to be Catholic at a young age - she discovered in her early 20's that St. Martins was a great combination of both and has stayed ever since. This includes getting married here, having her children baptized and raised here, etc. "It's still the same family feeling and closeness to God I felt several years ago, but even more so - I'm so blessed to know so many people supporting my family and me. Through the best of circumstances and the worst of times it never changes and always feels like home or a warm hug whenever I think of St. Martins." In her spare time she enjoys playing interior design games on her phone, traveling, creative writing, playing board games, and more than anything else, being with Bob, Rob, and Chris - wherever they are as long as they're all together.

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Novalla Suter

Vestry Member

“I am blessed to have a big noisy family, best dog in the world and  the love of my life with me.  
I have walked many paths, no misspent youth here, I used it up with passion for life and love and seeking the right path for me.  What a surprise that all those explored paths brought me home to St. Martins.”


Jack Short

Certified Episcopal Treasurer

Jack Short came to St Martin’s July 4th weekend 2017, after shopping around for a church for several months.  A big fan of strong personal faith, good (plentiful) food and love for animals, St. Martins is a perfect fit! 

By day Jack is the Managing Director of Stage 773, a nonprofit theatre in Lakeview, and has served on the board of directors for other nonprofit organizations including Normal Moments. As a musician Jack plays keyboards for the band “The Tattoo Floozies,” and occasionally musical theatre/cabarets.

Originally from Ohio (via Michigan), Jack comes from a long line of Episcopal Church family members.  Jack has one fur-baby Janet Vivian, who will never be seen at Paws in the Pews – by her choice.